Rara Lake Scorpio Jeep Tour

Rara Lake Scorpio Jeep Tour is a 6 Nights 7 Days trip to the largest freshwater lake of Nepal, Rara. Situated at almost 3,000 meters altitude in the Rara National Park, this location is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Nepal with pristine views and environment all around.

Rara Lake is one of the best holiday destinations in Nepal, and it is a hiker’s paradise. Tranquil blue lake with serene environment, stunning landscape comprising of green hills and shimmering mountains, everything one could ask for in a single location. Most popular activities here include boating, horse riding, bird watching and of course, hiking. A hike to Murma Viewpoint is never a bad idea to witness some truly breathtaking views. There is no doubt that Rara is one of the best places to visit in West Nepal and we wholeheartedly recommend this Rara Tour Package.

As amazing as Rara is, getting to the lake is certainly not the easiest journey. The week long adventure typically begins from Kathmandu, where a couple days of driving and a few hours of hiking finally takes you to the lakeside on the third day. You will have almost two days to explore, hike around and fully savor the beauty of this heavenly location. There are various popular activities to take part in here, but remember to be always respectful and considerate towards the pristine natural environment here regardless of what you do. After enjoying ourselves for a couple of days, we will make the return journey to Kathmandu. After a week of adventure, the Rara Lake Scorpio Jeep Tour will be successfully completed.

Rara Lake Tour by Jeep is best done in the dry seasons that fall from September to November and April to May. It is possible to visit during other times but the rainfall and snowfall can block the roads or simply make the trip dangerous.

As mentioned earlier, a trip to Rara Lake is never easy but hiring a Scorpio Jeep with experienced driver makes everything so much better; from comfort and safety to anything else. We offer Scorpio Rental for Rara Tour package and various other tours at the best price. Contact us for Scorpio Jeep Hire and Rental service today!

Rara Tour by Jeep Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu to Kohalpur (505 km) by Scorpio- 10/11 hours. Overnight Stay.

Day 02: Drive to Manma, Kalikot (250 km) by Scorpio- 8/9 hours. Overnight stay.

Day 03: Drive to Rara (58 km) by Scorpio with 2 hours walk – 7/8 hours. Overnight stay.

Day 04: Visiting Rara and Hiking. Hotel, Overnight Stay.

Day 05: Two hours walk then drive back to Manma (58 km) by Scorpio- 7/8 hours. Hotel, Overnight Stay.

Day 06: Drive back to Kohalpur (250 km) by Scorpio- 8/9 hours. Hotel Overnight Stay.

Day 07: Drive back to Kathmandu (505 km) by Scorpio- 10/11 hours.

Rara Tour Package Cost Info

The price for Rara Tour by Scorpio is NPR 9,999.

This cost/price is only for Scorpio Jeep Hire. This rental cost includes fuel, parking charges, driver’s expenses and accommodation.

The above price does not include your accommodation and food cost. It also doesn’t include other costs such as travel or health insurance, permit costs or sightseeing entry fees. Finally, it also doesn’t include air condition service as there is extra charge of 15% if you want to use air condition service.

Rara Lake Elevation and Trip Difficulty

Rara Lake is located at fairly high altitude of almost 3,000m from sea level. The landscape and scenery is superb here with fresh mountain air and pristine environment. Altitude sickness is possible but a rare sight during Rara Lake Tour.

As for the difficulty, things like road condition and transportation has improved a lot in the recent years which has made the journey to Rara significantly easier compared to before. Rara Tour by Scorpio makes everything even better thanks to the ease, comfort and safety of our Scorpio Jeep and experienced drivers.